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Aug 23, 2013 10:00am PDT
about coming to us from texas today. we have now learned that the u.s. army major nidal hasan has been found guilty of 13 counts of premeditated murder in the shooting deaths of soldiers that took place at ft. hood, texas, in 2009. the court martial panel, we have learned, also found hasan guilty of 32 separate counts of premeditated attempted murder in the wounding of soldiers there. he has said he opened fire on fellow soldiers there to protect muslims at the other end of the world. you've been watching a special edition of "andrea mitchell reports." we're going to have more on that hasan story from our colleague mark potter, who's in texas coming up. andrea, by the way, is back with us here in this seat on monday. remember to follow the show online and on twitter @mitchellreporters. be sure to tune in for special coverage of the march on washington. we're going to be live from the national mall all day tomorrow. my colleague mara schiavocampo is coming up next on "news nation." thanks for joining us. e announc] made just a little sweeter... because all these whole grains aren't heal
Aug 26, 2013 10:00am PDT
. the blaze has scorched 150,000 acres. >>> in ft. hood texas the sentencing phase begins today for major nadal ha san, the army sipsychiatrist found guilty las week. hassan faces either the death penalty or life in prison. >>> and the donald, donald trump being sued by the state of new york for $40 million. the new york attorney general says the real estate mogul helped run a phony trump university and misled students into expensive seminars that did not deliver as promised. trump phoned in to the "today" show and attacked new york attorney general eric schneiderman's record. >> let me just tell you something, we're dealing with an attorney general who everyone in new york knows is a total lightweight. he's very unpopular. he lets jon corzine take 1.4 or something, disappear, $1.4 billion and doesn't do a thing, he lets wall street and everybody else rape everybody, doesn't do a thing. >> and, of course, someone was tweeting this weekend, who would sign up for trump university. but in any case the attorney general said in response trump's comments this morning were an effort to disfractu
Aug 28, 2013 10:00am PDT
in texas and north carolina. >> well, i'm just so excited to be here. i was not born 50 years ago. however my parents met when they were active in the civil rights movement. sofrg that was about the march 50 years ago, the dream, is -- i sat on the shoulders of all these folks. i would not be the first african-american woman attorney general in california if it were not for those fights. this is a vow we're making to our commitment to equal rights and civil right in our country. in terms of the civil rights act it was a great achievement. ruth bader ginsberg said it well we need to understand maybe it's not raining at one particular moment doesn't mean we put our umbrella away. the civil rights amendment was to assure equal access to the polls. we know with texas and other places that access is questionable and that was the power of the voting rights act which was actually gutted by the supreme court decision and i applaud erick holder and the justice department doing the work they are doing to fight, to make sure that all americans have equal access to the polls. >> course the march was f
Aug 6, 2013 10:00am PDT
sopsychiatrist who oped fire at a medical processing center in ft. hood, texas. the rampage killed 13 soldiers and injured dozens more. this morning he said he was the shooter, apoll guysing for any mistak mistake i made in "trying to establish the perfect religion." he will act as his own attorney. he could end up cross examining some of the witnesses he is accused of shooting, cuincludina retired army staff sergeant who was shot seven times. >> i will not show fear in the face of the enemy because the man that shot me major hassan is going to be the man who's cross examining me. that's a huge challenge. >> correspondent in npr's investigations unit knows this case far better than any of us. what's the significance of this trial and of what it means not only the terror war but also personally for these victims? >> imagine if, god forbid, were you one of natal hassan's victims. in addition to the 13 who were killed, some have brain damage, some have partially paralyzed. they will have a lifetime of pain and imagine now that you go into this courtroom at ft. hood and the man who shot you approa
Aug 20, 2013 10:00am PDT
, the texas released his birth certificate saying he was born in canada. he's willing to recount any of his citizenship in canada. kathy will want to -- let's start with chris. chris, you know what? i think it's time for the mickey mouse and the rest of this nonsense and donnel troump simply end, and i'll do my nart saying there is no doubt there's two kinds of americans. natural born and those who are naturalized by a process of becoming a citizen. if you don't have to become gnarlized, you are natural born. ted cruz is natural born, by that definition. native born can mean born in the territory of the united states, but natural born means the second of your birth, you're an american by the fact of your birth, to an american mother. just like in that crazy circumstance that the birthers always pushed that obama was born somewhere outside the country, then he would have been naturally born an american. the irony of this whole thing is, that cruz fits the worst-case scenario recording obama, that he was born to an american mother overseas but is still clearly an american. why don't we all ju
Aug 22, 2013 10:00am PDT
is following the trial and joins us from ft. hood, texas. mark, this say terrible example, i think, and frightening to a lot of americans of a person who comes with a mideast background who seems totally loyal to america and says i switch, i switched sides. >> reporter: and it was a murderous switch according to prosecutors and all the events that happened here, a terrible event that happened four years ago. the jury is now waiting to take the case. the panel of 13 senior military officers is going to break for lunch and at 1:45 central time, 2:45 your time in the east, they will begin their deliberations. the reason for that, just about 20 minutes ago nadal hassan was asked if he had a closing argument he wanted to make? he said, quote, the defense chooses not to make a closing statement. so the case has moved on and it will be in the hands of the jury shortly. the pros 'cuse spent about an hour and a half talking about how this was a premeditated event, the prosecutor described this as, quote, a premeditated murderous plan to quill akill an said he had a jihad duty in his mind to
Aug 21, 2013 10:00am PDT
in texas. that's the fireworks in the lone star state. senator ted cruz faced an onslaught of hecklers. you saw them there in front of a hometown crowd while rallying support to defund the obama care act. will republicans buy this high stakes don't blink strategy? >> if you have an impasse you want to know, one side or the other has to blink. how do we win this fight? don't blink! i. >>> well, good day. i'm chris matthews. >> i'm kathleen matthews. . we're in again today for andrea mitchell. we're following two big stories overseas. rebel spokesmen in syria say the brutal regime led by bashar assad has used chemical weapons in a major attack. the casualties could be in the hundreds. right now any use of chemical weapons is unconfirmed, however, by nbc news. >>> meantime, in egypt hosni mubarak, the man a nation pushed out of power during the air ran spring, could leave his prison cell as early as tomorrow. >> of course, he still faces murder charges. this is a momentary release for him. richard engel is live in cairo. richard, it's great to have you on. i'm still impressed by the fact that
Aug 8, 2013 10:00am PDT
the courthouse in texas. he joins us. mark, that was one of the other points of outrage for some people is that hasan would be in a position to cross examine some of the very people he's accused of shooting down that
Aug 9, 2013 10:00am PDT
and president obama. putin sent a telegram down to texas to former president george w. bush. they got along famously. and there is clearly no warm relationship between putin and this president. >> there aren't nearly enough telegrams sent these days, are there? i think the decision that the president made and that the white house made and that the administration and secretary kerry all supported was that we weren't at the point in our relationship with russia right now where we would make significant progress to warrant a meeting between the presidents but we look at the importance of looking at areas we agree and disagree which is why secretary kerry and the foreign minister and secretary hagel and his counterpart of meeting today. i can't promise you what will come out of it. it's more recognition that this relationship is important and we need to continue to work through it even at challenging times. >> i want to ask you about embassy security overnight a lot of people all but emergency people were cleared out of the u.s. consulate in pakistan and moved to islamabad which is hardly a saf
Aug 16, 2013 10:00am PDT
that everything is bigger in texas. well, if you're talking about large screen hd tvs, they might be right. tuesday the houston texans, by the way, unveiled the world's largest indoor video screens. you think they have a competition with dallas? the screens are almost 53 feet high, 277 feet long. how's that in your living room? the new boards are nearly 3,000 feet larger than the one just down the road that jerry jones put up in his new stadium for the dallas cowboys. the previous largest hd tv screen. >>> also talk about some false advertising. did you hear about this? a zoo in china tried to pass this creature off as a lion. that's like from a school play about the wizard of oz. everyone everywhere, you'll recognize the big beast with the fluffy brown fur was a tibetan mastiff. the so-called lion started barking. hi, i'm karissa. hi, i'm sherri. and i'm going to show sherri how collecting box tops for education earns cash for our school by shopping at walmart. come on. sherri, look at all these products that you can buy for your family with box tops. and look, four box tops in one box. t
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)